First post ever

Hi welcome to my blog. I’m going to be documenting my own experience of trying to understand my ADD/ADHD and my attempts to fix my condition. First a bit about me,

My name is Kim, I’m 25 years old and have never been formally diagnosed with ADHD, but its pretty obvious that I have it, and I do have an appointment with a specialist a couple of months from now who will probably confirm this.

So here are the reasons why I believe I have ADHD.

  • My Dad had ADHD, and there’s evidence that ADHD may be hereditary.
  • I’ve changed my degree three times, and spent a total of 7 years at uni before being kicked out this year, in my final year of engineering.
  • I have poor impulse control, especially when it comes to anything that provides a feel good sensation, junkfood/alcohol/the internet.
  • I get bored easily.
  • I can’t follow instructions. Right from the beginning, one of my earliest memories of preschool is being dressed as a mermaid and being yelled at for performing a dance move the wrong way ( it was eventually cut out of the end of year performance). Throughout high school & uni it taking forever to get through any labwork mostly due to misreading steps, forgetting steps and making a lot of wrong assumptions also plus never having done the prework.
  • Never handed in a complete assignment on time at uni.
  • Can’t wait in a line, and I’d rather go hungry than have to join a long line and wait for food.
  • Frequently turned up late for exams.
  • Easily distracted.
  • Can’t multitask.

Despite all of the above, throughout school & uni no one has ever suggested that I might have ADHD, mostly I think because I’m not the hyperactive bouncing off the walls type. I’m more likely to be daydreaming instead, which tends to fly more under the radar.

I did seek treatment for ADHD about a year ago, but on hearing that I’d have to wait two months to see a specialist I decided that it wasn’t worth it. But since failing at uni & having a lot of time to ruminate on this, I’ve decided that perhaps it hasn’t been a combination of laziness/bad decisions but this condition that has been holding me back.

Another thing stopping me from seeking treatment is the fact that the standard treatment for ADHD involves drugs, and I’m not 100% ok with the idea of ¬†popping pills as a solution. I know that If I go on Dexamphetamine, it will enable me to concentrate (I know this because I have tried it a couple of times before), but there probably will be a bunch of side effects & even though people say its not physiologically addictive, as a stimulant I don’t see how it couldn’t be.

Because of this, I will be looking into possible alternatives to drugs in the treatment of ADHD. I probably will end up taking the medication, but I want to combine this with other methods, such as cognitive exercises, supplements and dietary changes.

Most of this blog will be devoted to analysing and compiling research on ADHD, including causes and treatments, and the rest will be about my experiences as I try the different treatments. Citizen scientist will be my new occupation (sounds much better than unemployed layabout). My next post will be on the physiological differences of an ADHD brain.

I’ve never been able to keep up a blog/journal before. I make a new one at least once a year. You’ll know this experiment has failed if I stop updating this one.