Urgh haven’t done anything today

I got up round 10 ish, and since then apart from cooking myself lunch I have done absolutely nothing. Half an hour ago the urge to pop a dex pill was almost overwhelming. Not because I’m physically addicted, but more so because I wanted to get stuff done.

I’m currently building a neurofeedback device, and I’m up to the stage where I have an initial circuit that I want to build, and I should be prototyping it on a breadboard, but I seem to be stuck in an apathetic state of surfing the internet, listening to music & basically doing bugger all.

The fact that I’m going climbing today at 6, seems to stop me from getting started, knowing that i’ll soon have to stop, and probably won’t get much done before then. But wasting an entire day is just plain bad!

But on the positive side, I am into day 3 of my 30 day climbing challenge. With the aim of climbing every day for a month. Aiming to do 4/5 days at the Burnley bouldering wall, and 2/3 days at hard rock in the city.

The Burnley bouldering wall is fantastic! Its free, open to the public, located under a bridge and maintained by the Victorian climbing club. I find it a lot more challenging then rock climbing, and there’s also more fear involved as well when you start to approach the top of the wall, It feels like a long drop to the bottom (even though it isn’t really). The people there are really friendly and have no problems giving pointers to newbies, plus its fun to watch people who know what they’re doing.

The Burnley Climbing wall (# 3/3)

The Burnley Climbing wall (# 3/3)

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